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See the Pen Typing game v5 by Irving ( @ialuna) on CodePen.

Typing Game (2017)

javascript, web development

This project is a prototype of a typing game based on the game Type of the Dead. The idea is to type the words as fast as possible. The selection of words comes from scientific animal names ( source: Animals by Scientific Names).

A live version can be found as well at, or to see in CodePen click here.

Source code on github

The game:

A word will appear in black. Type the words as fast as possible in the box. A new word will show once you have typed the prompted word, or once the timer reaches cero (0).
At the beginning, words are three cahracters long (word length = 3). Words will increase in length every five (5) words.

From a programming standpoint, some interesting features might be:

  • A timer object constructed with the class MyTimer.
  • Use of filter function on arrays.
  • Use of a recursive function (random-word.js, line 41).
  • Listeners and interaction with the DOM.
  • All Javascript code separated from the HTML code.
  • Automatic clearing of the input element by length of word or by timer.
  • Assertion of correctness. Input highlighted when word is incorrect.
  • Removing words from array after completing them in order to avoid repetition.
  • Timer stops automatically at end and displays a "Game Over" message.
  • Game starts on first input.

Possible improvements (future work):

  • Adding a score.
  • Highlight typed key in word and notify of errors per letter (as opposed to per word as it is at the moment).
  • Add a reset button.
  • Improve layout, CSS, etc.
  • An option to select timer length.