L-Systems for Audiovisual Composition

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L-Systems for Audiovisual Composition

audio and video synthesizer

This system is designed to generate material for audiovisual composition. The premise is that by combining audio and visual materials a third audiovisual component is generated, which is different than the sum of the individual components.

In order to create stronger structural connections between the audiovisuals, Lindenmayer systems are used as the source for generating the material simultaneously.

Five examples of the application (mac only) can be downloaded here: L-Systems for Audiovisual Composition Examples.

In order to operate these examples, press the 'next generation' button 2-5 times and then press 'z' to visualize the shape as a whole, or 's' to run the audio and visual simultaneously. Other functionalities are listed at the left of the screen. Camera options are: click and drag, control + click and drag, alt + click and drag.

Source code on GitHub.